December Happenings

December is a busy month. Please read our December 2014 Newsletter for more information about upcoming events in our congregation.

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November 2014

Please read our Spectacles Newsletter for  November 2014 for information about upcoming services and events in our congregation.

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October Newsletter

We have a busy fall at the UUCF.  Please read the October Newsletter to learn more.

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September Newsletter: Worship Services Resume September 14

Below is a poetic offering and message from Rev. Abigail Stockman. Please read our Spectacles Newsletter for September 2014 for more information about our congregation and upcoming events and worship services.

Heron Rises from the Dark, Summer Pond

So heavy
is the long-necked, long-bodied heron,
always it is a surprise
when her smoke-colored wings

and she turns
from the thick water,
from the black sticks

of the summer pond,
and slowly
rises into the air
and is gone.

Then, not for the first or the last time,
I take the deep breath
of happiness, and I think
how unlikely it is

that death is a hole in the ground,
how improbable
that ascension is not possible,
though everything seems so inert, so nailed

back into itself –
the muskrat and his lumpy lodge,
the turtle,
the fallen gate.

And especially it is wonderful
that the summers are long
and the ponds so dark and so many,
and therefore it isn’t a miracle

but the common thing,
this decision,
this trailing of the long legs in the water,
this opening up of the heavy body

into a new life: see how the sudden
gray-blue sheets of her wings
strive toward the wind; see how the clasp of nothing
takes her in.

~ Mary Oliver ~

(What Do We Know:Poems and Prose Poems)

This mid-summer poetic offering reminds me that the seemingly ordinary events of our ordinary days can contain moments of awe and awaken our spirit to something more vast and enduring than simply ourselves.

And for those among you who have spent much of this summer working in the basement of our meetinghouse – you have not just been laboring to clean a room:

you have been supporting the future of Bread & Roses which provides regular meals twice a week for anyone in the Franklin area. It is also a place to find community and companionship for those who are lonely. It is a wide and varied community of people committed to providing nutrition and hope to anyone who wants to come.

you have been building the future and the legacy of this Unitarian Universalist faith among us and its presence and value within the greater Franklin community -
you have begun a future we don’t yet know.
Thank you.

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 14, 2014 10am
Service will include this community’s annual Water Communion ritual.
Let us look forward to returning to our weekly community worship!.

Blessings for your summer,
Rev. Abigail

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May Newsletter

Upcoming Events for May:

On Sunday, May 4 at 10 am Rev. Brendan Hadash will join us in the pulpit.

On Sunday, May 11  at 10 am Rev. Abigail Stockman will present a sermon. From Rev. Abigail “In January I attended a domestic violence workshop with a group of interfaith colleagues in Concord. This workshop was in preparation for the “Preach In” which includes a candle light vigil and walk in Concord on May 4th (see information below). My “preach in” sermon will be on Mother’s Day. Domestic violence ripples through the web of interconnectedness “of which we are all a part”. Some of us have experienced it, seen it, or worked with others whose lives have been affected by it. How do we find and maintain a healthy “mothering”, nurturing presence – regardless of gender or literal biological parenthood – in the midst of this reality of domestic violence?”

On Sunday, May 18 at 10 am Hillary Collins-Gilpatrick will lead our service.

On Sunday, May 25 at 10 am Andrew Moeller will present a sermon.

Our annual spring yard sale is planned for Saturday, May 31.

Please read our May 2014 Newsletter for more information about these and other events in our congregation.

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April Newsletter

On Sunday, March 31 at 10 am Andrew Moeller will present “The Question of Sin”

Please read our April 2014 Newsletter for more information about our congregation and upcoming services and events.

On Sunday, April 6 at 10 am Susan Haines and Denise Steadman will present a sermon entitled, “Where’s Your UU Sense of Humor?” Take your morning giggle pill and be prepared to laugh as we explore laughter in our religious community. Yes, laughter is spiritual and healthy!

On Sunday, April 13 at 10 am Hillary Collins-Gilpatrick will lead our service.

EASTER SUNDAY,  April 20 – Rev. Abigail Stockman will present “Miracles.” How might we Unitarian Universalist’s understand miracles, of which resurrection in the Christian tradition is considered the greatest miracle of all. This service weaves together a variety of stories. Come join us!

April 27 – Andrew Moeller will join us again in the pulpit.


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March Happenings and Newsletter

On Sunday, March 2 at 10 am Rev. Brendan Hadash will present “Aging Gracefully.”

On Sunday, March 9 at 10 am Rev. Abigail Stockman will present “A Frayed and Nibbled Survivor.” In Pilgrim at Tinker Creek author Annie Dillard writes about being “a frayed and nibbled survivor in a fallen world….”. A Unitarian Universalist reflection on being “frayed and nibbled survivor(s)” who live in a “fallen world”. Come join us.



**************A 4 SESSION EVENSONG II PROGRAM******************

Beginning Wednesday evening March 19th

A few years ago Rev. McKusick facilitated the Evensong I program for both the Laconia and Franklin congregations. Those who attended were inspired by this faith development opportunity inviting us into times of quiet reflection and deep sharing focused on meaningful topics vital to an ongoing spiritual life.

Each 2 hour session uses a format of centering, readings, quiet reflection, silence, a hymn, and a style of sharing our reflections that invites the group to be listeners providing presence without feedback.
So inspired where some folks that they have asked to continue on with the program. And the good news is that there is an Evensong II program!

UU Congregation of Franklin is offering this adult faith development program
once a month from March-June. We hope that as the weather improves you will consider joining us.
WHEN: Wednesday March 19, April 16, May 21, and June 11.

TIME: 6 – 8 pm

WHERE: UU Congregation of Franklin, NH 206 Central Street, Franklin, NH

FACILITATORS: Rev. Abigail Stockman and Barbara Freeman

This is an opportunity to deepen your own reflective process on some themes in a vital spiritual life including: Childhood Memory and Knowing; Scripture and Story; Prayer and Spiritual Practice. We will be using four of the eight sessions from the Evensong II program. The group may choose to continue to organize and finish the remaining four sessions of the program.  If you are interested in joining the group please contact Rev. Abigail Stockman.  Hope to see you there!

Please read our March Newsletter for more information about our congregation.

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February Newsletter and Services

On Sunday, February 2 – Rev. Brendan Hadash will present “Aging Gracefully.”

On Sunday, February 9 – Rev. Abigail Stockman will present “Hats that wear us:
A journey of faith lost and finding a way back.” In our lives we wear many hats, so
the saying goes, but do some of our hats wear us – such as the hat of our identified
faith tradition? How do we, as individuals and as a congregation, wear that hat….or
how does it wear us?

On Sunday, February 16 – Hillary Collins-Gilpatrick will present a sermon.

On Sunday, February 23 at – Andrew Moeller will present “A Look at Love.”

Please read our Newsletter for February 2014 for more information about our congregation and upcoming events.

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Due to the Wednesday holiday I will be in Franklin on Thursday Jan 2nd from late morning through the Parish Committee meeting Thursday evening.

Parish Committee Meeting – Tuesday Jan 2 at 6:30 pm

On Sunday, January 5 – Rev. Brendan Hadash will present “I am Harry Potter.” The wizard, Harry Potter, plans to reflect on his battle against the evil Lord Voldemort when he was a student at Hogwarts School of Wizardry some 50 year ago. He will talk about important lessons he learned in areas such as friendship, freedom, tolerance, age, death and love.

Please read our January 2014 Newsletter for more information about our congregation

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December News

December is a very busy month. I have listed the events below, but please read our December 2013 Newsletter for more information about fun and festive happenings in our congregation.

Sunday, December 1 at 10 am – Rev. Brendan Hadash will present a service on Chalica, a weeklong UU holiday, starting on the first Monday in December, with each day focused on one of the seven UU Principles. (based on the practice of Hanukkah and Kwanza of lighting candles at this time of year.)

Saturday, December 7 from 9 am to 2 pm ~ Craft Fair and Cookie Walk

Sunday, December 8 at 10 am – Rev. Abigail Stockman will present “Holding the Light.” How do we learn to hold the light in the midst of times of darkness? It does seem that so many traditions have a holy time related to the meaning of light at this time of year – especially in the northern hemisphere.

Saturday, Dec.14, 4 to 6pm ~ Santa Lucia Tea: Come join with us in the Parrish Hall as we celebrate our very own ‘Queen of Light’,  Tea and cookies will be served and light entertainment performed by talented members of our community. Remember to bring in your cookie donations, so that they can be distributed beforehand. All children are welcome to join the Processional as Stargirls or Starboys. Please arrive by 3:45 for instructions and preparation. If you have any questions or would like to contribute to the program contact Gail or Adrienne.

Sunday, December 15 at 10 am – Rev. Abigail Stockman will present ”Las Posadas.”
Las Posadas is a Central and South American tradition and ritual related to Mary and Joseph’s search for hospitality in Bethlehem.  This theme invites us to ponder the meaning and spiritual practice of hospitality in our own lives.

Saturday, December 21 2 to 4 pm ~ Gingerbread House Decorating.

Sunday, December 22 at 10 am – Intergeneration Service and Santa Potluck led by Andrew Moeller. The Sunday before Christmas will be an Intergenerational service, followed by our Santa Potluck lunch. We have it on good authority that the ‘Big Elf’ himself will be stopping by for a visit, so don’t forget to add your information (names and ages of children) to the sign up sheet in the Parrish Hall. If you have any questions talk to Adrienne, Kim, Tia or Cindy.

Tuesday, December 24 at 6 pm – A Christmas Eve Service of Unitarian Universalist Lessons and Carols. We will have readings, singing, candles, and of course the traditional Silent Night.  We hope to see you there.

Sunday, December 29 at 10 am – Hymn Sing

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