News and Notes

We had a busy and successful weekend.  Minister Kent McKusic giving his first sermon in our meetinghouse on Sunday morning and was ordained there later that afternoon.  I went to the morning service, and was impressed by Kent’s sermon and by how beautiful the meetinghouse looked.  Many people worked very hard to bring that about.  I missed the ordination, as I was home with the kids, but heard that it was wonderful.

Announcements and Upcoming:

Wednesday, September 21 at 7 pm ~ Choir Practice in the Sanctuary

Thursday, September 22 at 7 pm in the parlor ~ Worship Committee Meeting. Planning our Sunday services is at the heart of our organization. Come give your input. Adrienne Tuch will lead the meeting and Rev. Kent McKusick will participate.

Sunday, September 25 at 10 am ~ Worship Service led by Suzan Scott and David Strohmeyer


From Colleen Jacques:

We did it !!!

When Pastor McKusick asked to have his ordination at UUCF, I said of course; what an honor. Then I asked what all was involved. Upwards of 200 people.  Seating.  Parking.  FOOD. Boy was I naïve.  But, of course,  we did it. How could we not do it.


I want the members and friends of UUCF who were unable to attend yesterday’s event to know that we out did ourselves proud for the Rev. Kent McKusick ordination. The guests and participants had only wonderful things to say about the UUCF folks that they met. The hospitality was warm and welcoming.  The food was wonderful and the building has never looked better. So many people approached me to say how beautiful it is, flaws and all.  The food prep and organization was outstanding. The music was awesome. There didn’t seem to be a glitch anywhere.  You all worked seamlessly with the Laconia congregation. I liken it to starting our combined association by jumping in the deep end of the pool. We swam.


I can’t thank individual people because I know I’d miss someone and that would be so unfair. That said, there are folks who do need special pats on the back.  Gail Morrison worked so many hours with Karen Hurst from the Laconia congregation to organize this entire event.  There was no detail that was overlooked by the team of Morrison & Hurst. Barbara Sen wore 2 hats.  She was the go to lady when the Meetinghouse needed to be opened up for a workman.  She also was the “Hydrangea lady” (otherwise known as the Midnight Hydrangea raider) and queen of the decorating.  Adrienne Tuch and her kitchen crew can’t be thanked enough.   And last only in order, the repair/cleanup/ make the place look wonderful volunteers who spent so many hours painting and installing and prepping and fixing. I don’t even know where to begin other than to thank Joe Schmidl, Vince Paratore, Joel Anderson, and Paul Duncanson for their special DIY handyman skills. The entire building, inside and out, looks just incredible.  We should all be grateful for each other’s time and talents that were definitely put to the test these past few months.


We are not done. This is just the first step as we all begin our journey with Rev. McKusick and the Unitarian Universalist Society of Laconia. But we started with a heck of a big bang and we did it with grace and style.  You are all amazing and I was so proud to be able to represent this congregation this past weekend.


Colleen Jacques

Parish Chairperson

From Gail Morrison:

Parish Committee: Thank you for the honor of representing our congregation on the ordination committee.

Colleen, I agree with your sentiments. Everyone who tirelessly contributed to the success of the Reverend Kent McKusick’s ordination should get multi-colored starry fireworks all around in thanks…Real gold stars even.
Every member or our congregation able to participate did participate in making our new minister’s ordination memorable. I’ve just spent an hour trying to write an email to thank everyone individually but have just hit delete. I’m going to waste that time and follow Colleen’s lead, except I would like to mention some small things, all of which came together like a mosaic with the big things  to make a wonderful event yesterday.
These are examples, only examples, of things that likely went unseen: Cindy Taylor, a week ago, brought us the tablecloths from Joanna’s wedding to use on the tables for the yesterday’s reception; Kim Donovan washed the badly stained steps outside the sanctuary on Saturday, Cindy Clarenbach solved the clock problem in the sanctuary by moving the clock she had earlier donated; Sheryl and family hosted our 3 singers who came from Bangor; Colleen shopped for the furnishings that completed the bathrooms; Vince P. plumbed our toilets; Joel kept the mold-monster-below at bay with humidifiers; David advised the 5 young movers about the right tool to cut the one-ton radiator in pieces to get it down the granite steps and out of the sanctuary forever, Barbara spent 6 hours looking out for our interests during the aforementioned radiator removal Friday. There were dozens more unsung acts that came together like a mosaic with the larger projects and tasks to make yesterday’s event an achievement of which we can be proud.
I would like to thank those who were point people and those who helped them: Adrienne for her exceptional kitchen supervision and serving coordination for the reception and those who cooked and served so graciously; Barbara for planning, decorating and making comfortable the sanctuary, the parish hall and parlor and those who crafted and hung decorations; Vince and the crew for parking assistance; Susan and all who greeted, answered questions and were especially hospitable to our guests; Scott, Joel and those who worked on kitchen clean-up along with Laconia members.
And at the ordination, thanks to the choir and Irina for exceptional music yesterday! Colleen represented us so well in the service of ordination that was moving, impressive and well designed by Kent. The traditional laying on of hands included ministers, Kent’s family, friends, the congregations and all in attendance. It was powerful indeed.
When Reverend McCusick was leaving, he said this event was more that he had dreamed of for his ordination. It was good to see so many from the UUA in attendance and your hospitality made many friends for our congregation. This event was a good “official” beginning for our relationship with the Laconia church.

Congratulations! Gail


and from Adrienne Tuch:

Hello All,
I would like to offer my gratitude and thanks to everyone near and far who helped to make the Ordination a total success. It truly was wonderful to see how everyone was drawn to where their strengths lay and then just shown at what they did best! Well done everyone!!

It is really true that ‘everything always works out in the end’. Congratulations on a job well done.


Upcoming Service and Events

On Sunday, September 18 at 10 am Rev. Kent McKusick will lead our annual water service “Embodying the Waters of Life.”

On Sunday, Sunday, September 18 at 4 pm ~ Ordination of Rev. Kent McKusick.

On Thursday September 22 at 7 pm (changed from the 19th) Music and Worship Committee will hold an organizational meeting.  Planning our Sunday services is at the heart of our organization. Come give your input. Adrienne Tuch will lead the meeting and Rev. Kent McKusick will participate.

Sunday, September 11

Service on September 11, 2011. 10 years ago Sunday, on September 11, 2001, we awoke to find our world  changing unbelievably. Our congregation came together the next evening, September 12, and shared thoughts and feelings about it all.

This Sunday, we’ll hold a service of sharing at 10:00 a.m., to mark this decade. We invite you to speak your thoughts, read, play or sing, whatever expression you choose. Or, perhaps you may want to simply silently share your presence and that is fine. Some of us may wish to bring some late summer flowers. The Sunday School will have their first meeting, a games day.