What has changed since 1915?

As part of creating our new website we have uploaded some photographs of the meetinghouse. We plan on having a section of the site that uses images and narrative to document the history of our congregation.

Church Exterior from 1915

Send the Administrator an e-mail if you have additional photographs, images or documents that would be a good addition to the site.

Now for a challenge…

How many difference between the current meetinghouse and this photograph can you identify? Post them in the comments below. You can see a larger version the photograph here.

Bonus Question: What was the address of the parsonage in 1915?

Religious Education Schedule for April through June

From RE ~
We have a small but insightful, caring, and intelligent group of children who have been attending the Religious Education classes each Sunday. We have been working with the Windows and Mirrors (W & M) curriculum and the Love Connects Us (LCU) curriculum which we will continue with until June. Here are the upcoming lessons and teachers:
April 3 ~ All Work Together (LCU) ~ Adrienne
April 10 ~ Images of Injustice (W & M) ~ Cindy C.
April 17 ~ Preparation for Intergenerational Service ~ RE Committee
April 24 ~ Easter Intergenerational Service
May 1 ~ All Work Has Honor (W & M) ~ Cindy C.
May 8 ~ TBA ~ Tia
May 15 ~ Prayer is a Place to Grow a Soul (W & M) ~ Cindy C.
May 22 ~ TBA ~ Tia
May 29 ~ We Are Active Creators of Our Faith (LCU) ~ Tia
June 5 ~ Choose to Be UU (W & M) ~ Cindy C.
June 12 ~ RE Sundae Sunday

Service for March 27

On March 27 at 10 am Gail Morrison will present “Rev. James Reeb’s Challenge for Today.” March 11 marks the 46th anniversary of Reeb’s murder in Selma, Alabama.  Text for the sermon draws on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s tribute to Reeb, “Witness to the Truth.”


Service for March 20th

On Sunday March 20 at 10 am Rev. Karen Brammer will present “Canticles of Change: Head, Heart, Spirit, Community, and Earth” Rev. Karen Brammer is a staff person for the Unitarian Universalist Association Northern New England District (of which Franklin is a part). Her work includes a focus on congregations fewer than 100 in membership, and on Environmental Sustainability and Congregationally Based Justice Work. This service shares some of what she is learning on these particular UU waters.

Following the service their will be a soup and bread lunch and a congregational planning meeting.